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Turbochef ovens

What will you expect in a perfect Oven?

Turbochef ovens

TurbochefAre you wasting time on conventional cooking? Are you monitoring the food while cooking? Oh, my god! Here is the solution for your problems. You can switch on to Turbochef Ovens. It’s unique in style, price and quality. There is no need for compromising on any of your aspects of your conventional cooking and in addition will save you time and energy. Turbochef ovens are commercial ovens used in busy places.

What will you expect in a perfect Oven? Speed, Safety, Energy efficiency, taste, cost then Turbochef should be your perfect choice. You can have a look at the most popular Turbochef models: Turbochef Cook Artisan, Turbochef Sota Speed Cook & Turbochef HHB2.

Turbochef’s Speed:

Turbochef’s best performance is accompanied by a great speed where you can bake your pizza in less than 3 -4 minutes, 6” sub sandwich can be cooked in 70 seconds, French fries in 3.5 minutes and so on. Doesn’t it excite you to see your food cooked up on the table in a flash of time? Yes, Turbochef has proved itself to be twelve times faster than conventional cooking.

Turbochef’s Size:hhb2

When compared to the size of other ovens in the market the Turbochef’s size is compact and it is purposefully designed for various needs of cooking. Generally the width of a Turbochef oven spans from approximately 400 mm to as large as 1200+ mm in width. You might start to browse our pizza equipment website to see your options and calculate the width you need for each equipment.

sotaTurbochef’s Impingement Airflow System:

The impingement airflow system maximizes the heat being conveyed inside the oven chamber and thus facilitating energy reduction and maximization of cooking speed. Thus, the operational cost of the device also falls.

The oven is also loaded with a stirrer for the even distribution of air and microwave inside the chamber. Also, there is a provision to filter the external air.

Turbochef’s Software:

The Turbochef oven is driven by a software that holds a preloaded module for cooking various recipes and apart it also it paves the way for you to store some more recipes. By the way, the smart menu system offers you a space to store 256 recipes. So for the next time, your favourite recipe will be always a click away.

Turbochef’s Durability:

The Turbochef ovens are known for its durability the outer walls are corrosion resistant and in order to ensure that they are powder coated with corrosion-resistant steel outer wrap and door. Aluminium front panels coated in matte also assist in the process.

Turbochef’s Style:

If your neighbour glances at your oven then they will definitely envy you for owning such a stylish product. This product is aesthetically designed to decorate the interiors of your kitchen. The exterior is always cool to touch with an average temperature on the walls to be lower than 50 C. Moreover, the handle is matte chrome plated and the 4-inch nickel plated legs add to the beauty of this beast.

Turbochef’s Ventless operation:

Turbochef Oven’s are patented and certified to operate ventless thus there is no need for vent hood for most of the recipes except Fatty proteins. As it’s mentioned patented it is first in the world to be implemented with the Turbochef ovens.

This patented ventless operation also holds its value with environmental protection as it could reduce the CO2 emission.

Turbochef’s Multi Shelf:

This ensures the speedy operation to cook more. As these ovens are loaded with multiple shelves you can add shelves to your need and cook excitingly delicious dishes in a single turn without the need to cook the same food in iterations.

Turbochef’s Waterless Steamer:

Do you want to steam cook without water? Then this is also made possible with Turbochef. Isn’t it exciting? Turbochef uses the water present in food contents to steam food internally. Thus, it could save more than 150000 gallons of water a year.

Turbochef’s safety:

If Turbochef is providing with all the excitement then do you think that they had compromised on the aspects of safety? No, they are very much concerned about the safety and health of their customers.

Turbochef’s Support:

Apart from all, Turbochef offers an exclusive technical and customer support before and after sales. All Turbochef ovens come with a minimum warranty period of 1 year thus ensures the value for your money even though being a cost effective product.

Even you can reach out to the culinary experts of Turbochef via e-mail or telephone for a free consultation to cook your preferred recipes more deliciously. So that you can fill your tummy with yummy dishes.

Hereafter with Turbochef Tummy! Yummy! And yummy! Tummy!

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