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Baking Deck ovens by Rotel

The benefits of using Rotel Baking ovens: R33D3S & R3M3D3S

The benefits of using Rotel Baking oven

Perfect results of any baking depend not only on right use of ingredients, good preparation and above all the oven used in baking. When it comes to commercial baking, there must be no chance of messing the baking’s texture, color or taste.

Rotel R3M4DHC oven

Rotel R3M4DHC oven

Rotel bakery ovens

 A wide range of bakery ovens is available in the market. Rotel bakery ovens have however been embraced by small and big restaurants due to their well-researched design for perfect baking results. To start with, the material used in the inside and outside of the oven is stainless steel. To this extent, the internal baking chambers are made of stainless steel and so are the facia, slides, and doors. Use of stainless steel in the oven not only means that the oven is easy to clean on the inside and outside but also that the material is resistant to corrosion and not susceptible to heat and chemical damage.

Further, Rotel ovens are designed with technology for ease of operation. Rotel ovens such as the Rotel R3M3D3S bakery oven model is designed with touch screen controllers therefore less staff input. Touch screen controllers enables one to easily adjust and set baking temperatures.

Rotel – programming ovens

The ovens are also able to operate with up to 90 baking programs and automatically shut down when each of the programmed time has elapsed. Further, each chamber is designed to be able to operate in completely different room temperature. The chef can therefore bake biscuits while at the same oven bake bread without having to compromise on the different temperature ideal for each of them.

Rotel -Bakery Oven R34D1S

Rotel -Bakery Oven R34D1S

In addition, the ovens are designed with large cavity Space to fit wide tray size. Surpassing the ordinary single stacked and double ovens, Rotel ovens have 3 and 4 decks. An example of a model with 3 decks is the Rotel R3M3D3S- Bakery deck  oven. In addition, this model is designed with large oven size such that the oven chamber is able to fit 16 cm to 18 cm wide tray. This means that more and more food can be effectively baked in a single tray. The 4 decks feature for more baking is found in Rotel Bakery models such as the Rotel- Bakery oven R3M4DHC that moreover has an 8 tray capacity of 40 and 45 width. Where the restaurant capacity needs are high, the Rotel-3 Deck 3 Split Bakery Oven R33D3S is ideal as it has a 24 tray capacity with 120 loaf capacity.

Preheating technology

Another benefit of using Rotel bakery ovens is because they are designed with automatic preheating in each of the decks. Further, the Automatic timers’ means that the oven automatically shuts down when the set preheating temperature has been achieved. The importance of preheating an oven before baking cannot be overemphasized. First, preheating ensures that baking starts at the correct temperatures so that the result will not be under cooked. Pre- heating also ensures that a confectionery such as traditional southern biscuits whose baking time is less than 10 times but at the same bakes at high temperature is evenly baked. Starting baking of the biscuits when the oven is cold will make them ready in the middle before they brown.

Appreciating that controllers may fail, the oven is fitted with an automatic back up to ensure that baking is not messed with when the controllers fail. Temperature control range of up to 270 degrees. Most baking temperature range in temperatures below 270 degrees and therefore almost any kind of baking can be effectively achieved with these ovens. For instance, the ideal baking temperatures for biscuits is between 218- 232 degrees. The temperature range of 270 degrees goes beyond the temperature limit of fast ovens that reach 260 degrees.

The ovens also come with the Glass doors feature that is essential to help one check for doneness without the need to open the oven doors. This means that one needs not peek on the food to monitor baking. Glass doors therefore saves on energy that is lost when hot air escape when oven doors are opened. This feature also saves on cooking time that is very essential in commercial kitchens. Further, not opening doors has the net effect of saving on baking time. For instance, opening doors when cooking cookies will add extra time to the cooking time. Further, the oven doors are thick therefore are able to contain the heat inside.

Rotel Bakery ovens range

For energy conservation, the Rotel Bakery ovens have the Variable Temperature Loading (VTL) technology that offers better energy efficiency. This feature can be found in virtually all Rotel bakery ovens including the Rotel- Bakery oven R3M4DHC and the Rotel-3 Deck 3 Split Bakery Oven R33D3S. Ideal for coffee shop fit out.

Another benefit of using the Rotel Bakery ovens is the fact that they are designed with the in- built steaming system fitted in chambers. steam ovens ensure that good quality of crust especially when baking bread. This is because steam helps the crust soften during the first minutes of baking. Further, steam helps the crust brown well and crispy. This technology is fitted in Rotel Bakery oven models such as the Rotel-3 Deck 3 Split Bakery Oven R33D3S.

At Petra Equipment, we stock the different models of Rotel Bakery ovens at discounted prices. Our popular Rote bakery ovens are the R3M3D3S and the R33D3S. The ovens are available for purchase and rental online through our website https://www.petraequipment.com.au/rotel-bakery-oven-r3m4dhc and in our warehouse.

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