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Fagor Freezer Counter

Fagor is the market leader in the manufacture and installation of catering equipment for all your business needs from a restaurant, hotels to catering and making cooking more simple and pleasant. Their quality products are the hallmark of the company. Their wide range of stylish and unique kitchen equipment are all designed and manufactured with the consideration of safety regarding the types of materials used and handler, and come in all shapes and sizes. You can never miss what you need since in every category of product they spoil you with choices so that you can leave satisfied and equipped to achieve your dreams in the food and beverage industry. Petra Equipment is a leading company in selling Fagor equipment.

The essential motivation as to why obtaining any commercial kitchen gear is badly thought that you can buy obsolete items easily and in large quantity. The primary downside of these gears is that when they quit working you may not locate their spare parts. They utilize higher energy than most recent kitchen types of products, cleaning and support of outdated supplies are also intense.

Fagor guarantees food surfaces of pure stainless steel which is sterile element and ease support and cleaning.

In the event that you want to buy commercial kitchen products, whether for the eatery or business identified with nourishment, then you have to consider a couple of things at the same time and that Is why you will get unique services from Fagor. Not only are they good in the products sector but also their services are of high quality and standards. They have a pre-sales service to advise their customers on kitchen design inputs and equipment suitable for them. After sales service for a follow up on product performance and maintenance services.fagor

With the food world being competitive and the human taste of food being more advanced, Fagor is innovative and creative and their equipment are up to date. Fagor innovates food service equipment with technologically progressive products that offer durability and reliability. Their collections; food holding equipment, refrigeration products, dishwashers, combi ovens, cooking equipment and blast chillers are all high-performing, energy savers, stylish and backed by an extensive warranty. Recommended models: Fagor Glasswasher CO 402, Fagor Preparation bench MFP 180C and Fagor Combi oven 10 tray AE-101.

Fagor Combi ovens

They are over 17 models of combi ovens you can get from Fagor, there electric advance combi oven appliance is suitable for many cookery applications including grilling, braising, baking, steaming, and roasting. With a pre-heating options, electric temperature probe, retractable shower, and screen with push button control. Fagor Combi oven expands upon standard convection ovens in that they also generate a combination of steam and superheated steam. They assist in bridging the gap between economy and menu assortment while also maintaining the desired food quality.


The idea of preserving food is legit and Fagor hits like it’s their piece of cake by playing a role in the distribution of food with a wide range of refrigerators innovated with trending technology to fit your commercial need. Fagor models are 3 to 5 energy star’ rated. Their various products include;

Refrigerated Back Bar Counters, Freezer Cabinets, Freezer Counters, 1/1 Gastronorm Pass-Through Refrigerated and Freezer Counters: Self Contained and Remote, Refrigerated Preparation Counters (Air Over Well), Refrigerated Snack Counters with Sink, Back Bar Bottle Coolers, Accessories for Refrigeration

Fagor Dishwashers

Fagor dishwashers are stylish, detachable and efficient in your kitchen and they come in a wide range depending on your selection. Using less energy and water to save you costs.There won’t be any possibilities of microscopic organisms in your kitchen brought about by wastes being left in the crevices and alcoves of the product because of being detachable.

Let’s look at this model: left to right concept electric rack compact conveyor dishwasher;

Product descriptions; Main wash, Neutral supplement, Dryer, Suits 500 x 500mm baskets, Maximum production: 85 baskets/hour (1 speed) or 110 baskets/hour (2 speed).

Fagor Cooking equipment

With a goal to build profits in the long run, you ought to spend additional cash and buy the fabulous Fagor cooking wares. A large portion of the kitchen cooking equipment consumption more current advancements, for example, grills, and flame broils utilize infrared range innovations. These new progressions are key, productive and cook sustenance rapidly than normal techniques. Sparing you both time and money by serving nourishment quickly and rapidly.

They manufacture the top pressure cookers in the world. They have a 700 series and 900 series cooking equipment.

Fagor Food Holdings and distribution

Food distribution and handling is critical because it literally affects both the handlers and consumers, and with safety as a priority for Fagor, they design the perfect food packaging products in all sizes and shape and with a food gradable materials.

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