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Benefits of Frymaster Deep Fryers

Frymaster design and manufacture commercial deep fryers

Deep Fryers by Frymaster


Fryers are one of the essential kitchen equipment for everyone in the food industry and every fan of fried food. One of the well reputable companies in the food industry is the Frymaster Company. The company has distinguished itself as a leading supplier of frying systems, fryers, water-bath rethermalizers, pasta cookers and all kitchen equipment related to such technologies. The company has been providing premium equipment through their top-notch innovative technologies.

Frymaster benefits

Whether you are a small volume or a large volume restaurant, the frymaster fryers got you covered because they are available in a wide range of options to suit your needs and preferences. The fryers are available as small capacity fryers, ultra-efficient high production oil conserving fryers and economy fryers. Further, the fryers may be powered through natural gas, LP gas or electricity.

It is no coincidence however that the Frymaster fryers are leading manufacturers of fryers and most cooks preferences , but are a favorite due to the several benefits of using them.

One benefit is that they are high in oil conservation. This is because frymaster appreciates that oil is the most expensive aspect of owning a fryer. To this effect, the frymaster fryers have perfected their design to ensure that you use less oil but still achieve more capacity. For instance, the frymaster’s 30-lb oil conserving fryers will not only give you a similar production capacity as the 50-lb fryer offered by competitors but will also take 40% less oil to fill. This means 40% less oil used and of course, less oil discarded into the waste stream.

frymaster oil filtrationFrymaster oil filtration

Further, the frymaster fryer’s filter options are designed to enable regular filtration. Regular filtration not only saves oil but also helps maintain good food and oil quality. To save up more on the oil consumption, the fryers also come with the technology that has fully automatic filtration and optional oil quality sensor that are built-in and portable. With built-in filtration, you will save up on manual labor that would be used in filtering the oil.

Two, the fryers come in different burner types, that is open pot and tube style. The benefits of open stainless fry pot type is that it is easy to clean. An example of this kind is the Frymaster- OCF30ATOG Gas model. Further, the open pot fryers design is ideal for battered foods that produce a lot of sediment. Adding batter to foods such as fish and meats is essential to give them a starchy coating therefore preventing them from falling apart during cooking. The tube style on the other hand has the benefits of allowing even and consistent cooking.

Third, the frymaster fryers are high in energy conservation; a number of its features enables this. One is that the insulated fry pots allow the fryers enter a low temperature state when the fryer is not in use therefore conserving energy but never compromising on performance. Further, every frymaster fryer in the high efficiency category is ENERGY STAR certified .The high- efficiency fryers also conserve energy by having millivolt controls. This means that the need for a standing pilot is eliminated with no need for an electrical connection. The fryers are also designed with adjustable thermostats with digital displays. This enables you easy setting of temperatures and read what exactly the temperature of the oil is at.

In addition, the fryers are designed to have split pots as opposed to full pot units. The advantage of this is that you can cook different foods in separate compartments. You therefore need not worry about transferring one food taste of say, fried chicken to fries. Moreover, you will be able to cook different foods separately at different temperatures that are ideal for each kind of food.

Finally, it is noteworthy, most of the frymaster fryers are National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) the independent no- profit organization that ensures that food equipment are deigned in a way that upholds food safety. You can therefore use the fryers assured of their food safety.

Our Range

At Petra Equipment, we only stock the best of the brands. Frymaster fryers are therefore one of our trusted brands. We offer you all kinds of frymaster deep fryers from the small capacity of 30 lb to large capacity fryers to high efficient fryers and the economy fryers. Some of the frymaster models available in our stock are the frymaster- PMJ235GSD that has open stainless steel fry pots. In addition, The model is designed for all- purpose frying. Further, available in stock is the frymaster FPEL314CA Electric Model with built in filtration, adjustable asters among other features.

The frymaster fryers are available online at our website and at our warehouse for purchase and rental. We offer rental services on weekly basis at much discounted prices. In addition, the fryers come with a one year warranty giving you more assurance of the frymaster fryers quality. Find out more cooking equipment on Petra Equipment website.