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Commercial Kitchen Design

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The design and layout of your kitchen will ensure that your business is run smoothly and efficiently


Commercial Kitchen Design

7 top reasons to choose Petra Group:

  1. Free consultation and onsite meeting free of charge.
  2. 25 years experience in the fit out industry.
  3. Large portfolio and experience across all type of hospitality fit out such as bakery, restaurant, butchery, and commercial kitchen fit outs.
  4. In house designer and fitters. We look after each aspect of the project.
  5. We guarantee the quality of our work.
  6. No hidden costs. Receive a detailed breakdown of the different cost.
  7. Ongoing advice, during the process from design to completion we will support you.

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commercial kitchen design

We optimize your space available to prioritize cooking process in the kitchen and merchandising in your front shop. We have our own in house designers and project managers to follow up all aspects of your projects.

Discount on commercial kitchen equipment

Did you know? Petra Group owns and operates Petra Equipment, the leading retailer of commercial kitchen equipment in Sydney NSW. We offer the best prices on the commercial kitchen design, fitout, catering equipment and furniture.

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We have many staffs available to support you, we speak English, Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Greek, Arabic and Assyrian.

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Restaurant Design

If you want your restaurant to be very successful then a good restaurant design can go a long way in helping you accomplish that. We find that in today’s business society image is everything. Whether you have been in the business for long or you are just a startup you always find that most businesses go out of their way to make sure that their image looks good to the public. This is also true for restaurants all over the world. A good restaurant design will not only allow restaurant owners to increase the business but it will also enable customers to be more comfortable while enjoying their meals. A good restaurant designer will always strive to set the stage for a good and memorable dining experience. This article will help everyone including the small restaurant owners about the importance of a good restaurant design and also what is a restaurant designer.

Importance in selecting the right commercial kitchen designer and restaurant designer

Before we get started on what is a restaurant designer we first need to understand what is restaurant design. In simple terms, restaurant design is basically altering the physical aspect of a restaurant in order to bring about an atmosphere that is suitable for the customer. With that in mind, I guess you could say that a restaurant designer is simply one who helps to bring about this change in the restaurant. A good restaurant designer could mean life or death of your business. This is because only he or she can be able to give you the right design that will not only help to get customers but also live up to whatever dreams you had for the restaurant.

There are normally different things that a designer has to consider when designing a restaurant. For starters, a designer has to consider that will be played in the restaurant. Music will enable one to set the tone of the restaurant just as much as the paintings on the walls and also the style of the menu. It will also help to get the targeted customers you were looking for. A good restaurant designer should be able to find music that portrays what the restaurant is all about.

Another thing to consider is the heating and ventilation in the restaurants. Basically, restaurants kitchens usually put out a lot of heat, smells, and smoke. This basically means that a proper ventilation system needs to help customers enjoy their dining experience but it is also needed to help workers concentrate on doing their jobs properly. During the summer heat wave, it is important that restaurants have good air conditioning and this is also an important aspect that designers should consider.

A good restaurant designer should also be able to balance out the seating capacity in a restaurant. A designer should strive to create a situation that is both inviting to customers and also has a maximum seating capacity that can accommodate a reasonable number of people. In simpler terms, restaurant designers should be able to accommodate a reasonable amount of people that will allow for profitability and also will not make it packed.

From every restaurant, a designer should be an essential part of every restaurant and every restaurant that wants to be successful should really think about finding one.