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Quality commercial kitchen equipment

Roband Benchtop Equipment

For over 50 years, Roband brand has been a preferred manufacturer for commercial kitchen equipment. Its wide range of equipment range from Bench top griddle, Rice cocker, hot food displays , conveyor toaster, milkshake mixer and Rice warmer.


Foremost, Rob products are constructed with stainless steel. With stainless steel users are assured of more efficient usage and better performance. Notably, hygiene is essential in commercial kitchen. Stainless steel provides an easy of washing. More so, stainless steel does not corrode nor react to food chemicals. Stainless steel material is used on both the equipment’s inside and external parts.

Secondly, the equipment are built for easier use. For instance, are designed with removable drawers that make it possible for easy operation, cleaning and use. The display units on the other have removable cross bars.

In this regard, the equipment also comes with varying number of drawers. Customers have a choice 6 drawer while other models have three removable steel shelves.

Also, the equipment are appealing and ideal for display in a commercial setting. Most roband products for instance are constructed with a silver hammertone finishing.

On the other hand the brand’ display are maximized for appeal to customers due to their unique designs. To this extent, the Roband food display unit is built with curved glass. Also, it is artistically illuminated with heat lamps made of stainless steel so to be able to breathe.

In addition, Roband catering equipment are available in a variety of sizes. This factor makes them ideal for the small, medium- sized and large restaurants. In this regard, the with an 80 pie capacity would be ideal for large and medium- capacity restaurant while the with a 40 pie capacity is ideal for a small restaurant.

Another great benefit of Roband range of products is that they are economical in energy consumption. In this regard the products feature an energy regulator control. The stainless material design also helps save on energy consumption. Other models such as the counter top griddle are designs with compacted cooking plate elements that help minimize the escape of heat to the outside.

Greese gutters, where applicable are strategically positioned for easy cleaning and securely holding hot waste greese. That is, the greese gutters are forward positioned or side positioned.

Roband range of products are also designed with great versatility. They include sliding doors and its easily removable parts. It us for this reason that the brand is ideal even for mobile catering use. For instance, the Roband bain marie & counter top models are designed with a compact 1/2 size GN pan.  Another aspect of versatility is that the product can be used in both wet and dry operation.

Also, the equipment range in terms of those that are ideal for the small kitchen space and such limitations. When constrained in kitchen space, the under counter range of products will prove the product comes with a twelve months warranty.

Most importantly, Roband brand has a favorable warranty policy. To be precise, the product, the product come with a a twelve months warranty. Roband equipment also prove to be a preferred brand for persons running lunchrooms, canteens and other snack and food joints. Roband is often used for food truck fitouts.