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Ice Machine Buying Guide

Ice Machine Buying Guide

Ice machines are commonly used in hospitals, restaurants and bars. Petra supplies a range of high quality ice machines specifically designed to produce large amounts of ice.

Before coming into any retailer or dealer, read the below buying guide. It will give you an idea on the type of ice machine that will best suit your hospitality business.


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There are three specific types of machines:

  1. Underbench Ice Machine
  2. Modular Ice Machine
  3. Dispenser Ice Machine
  4. Self Contained (all-in-one) Ice Machine



Underbench Ice Machine:

If you’re out of space and require compact equipment, you will need an underbench machine. It is designed for making ice in small areas and capable of producing up to 160kg of ice in 24 hours.

Modular Ice Machine:

These ice machines are specially designed for making bulk ice in one go. They are named ”modular” due to the fact it can sit on top of freezing bins and benches during operation. Capable of producing up to 110-1500kg of ice per day.

Dispenser Ice Machine:

Producing up to 180kg of ice per day, these small machines are perfect for personal and commercial use. The ability to dispense ice and water makes this machine ideal for office kitchens, hotel buffets or small takeaway shops that don’t need copious amounts of ice.



There are 2 types of ways the compressor can be cooled:

Compressor Type Noise level Pricing What’s needed?
Air cooled High Lowest Require breathing room to intake suitable surrounding air for cooling
Water cooled Low-Med High Require a mains connection for cooling

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