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Goldstein' range of ovens

A description of Goldstein' range of ovens

Goldstein’ range of ovens

A description of Goldstein’ range of ovens

Founded in 1911, Goldstein Company has continued to manufacture commercial kitchen equipment that is loved by chefs wide over. Among the factors that make Goldstein oven, the best in the industry is their design. To this extent, the ovens are manufactured using a stainless steel exterior and a vitreous enamel on the interior.


A major consideration before the purchase of an oven must be the source of power. The oven may be powered by gas or electricity. Goldstein range of ovens encompasses both electric and gas powered models. Noteworthy, some of its ovens such as the Goldstein PFCG284 Manual Control re available in both electric and gas models.

Electrical ovens vs Golstein gas ovens

Generally, electric ovens are much cheaper to purchase because they are also cheaper to manufacture. The electric oven also tends to heat up faster than gas ovens. Moreover, the heat in an electric oven is dryer. The gas ovens, on the other hand, cook with an open range flame which may be risky more so in a kitchen with the constant movement of people as in a commercial kitchen.

Also, Goldstein offers Convection oven models that include the Goldstein Electric Convection Oven PEC-204 and Goldstein Convection Oven PFCG284. A convection oven is essentially one of the most effective ovens in the market. This is because it uses a fan to spread hot air around the food meaning that each part of the food cooks evenly. This mode of heating is unlike the normal mode that created cold and hot spots and therefore one has to keep changing the location of the food to the hot spots. Even with the repositioning strategy, the food will in most times end up unevenly cooked. The convection mode of heating means faster cooking, better browning and ultimately saving up on energy consumption.

Another of Goldstein range of ovens is the Goldstein Gourmet Range GR/G710FF. The Goldstein ovens are characterized by a fully insulated oven that works to ensure that heat does not escape to the outside. This advantage is further amplified by the Vitreous enamel that is in its interior. See more catering equipment options.

Double ovens

The ovens also vary in size. In this regard, there are single ovens and double ovens. The range of double ovens can be selected from the Company’s 800 series ranges. Double ovens essentially mean that there is two distinct oven stacked on top of each other. The two ovens are independent and therefore can be controlled independently in every sense, that is temperature, cooking time and other settings. Noteworthy, this technique has several advantages. Double ovens help save on cooking time, saves on space and is also cost-friendly. The cost of purchasing two identical ovens may be unreachable, but the cost of purchasing a double oven is very affordable. Most importantly, it allows the cooking of different foods at the same time.

However, before you think of upgrading to Goldstein’s 800 double series, ensure that you have additional space because this model will take up much space as compared to the single ovens. However, you will notice that the space required is not much as compared to having two ovens.

Finally, Goldstein ovens also come in a range of burners. To this extent, there are 4 burner ovens such as Goldstein 900 Series Cuisine 4 Burner Range 711mm Oven.