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Point of Sale by Petra POS

Large range of Point of Sale for restaurants, cafes, hotels and takeaway shop.

Point of Sale by Petra POS

Point of sale that integrate menu item updatePOS for restaurants and cafes

In fostering the growth of a restaurant, of the list of “must have” should be a point of sale. A point of sale will help in having full and total control of a restaurant operation. A restaurant will be able to easily track sales by the use of a point of sale. Restaurants and cafes are handling of huge sums of money and credit cards that with the help of a point of sale will be account for to the last penny as it keeps a cash register for you. The restaurant will be also be able to ascertain what sells most than other foods and make decision to reorder the foods.

With the shift in technology, many people pride in using of credit and debit cards in making of payments, a point of sale will be of great use in the processing of such payments and will benefit the restaurant and clients as this mode of paying is secure. Since the point of sale is capable of tracking the day to day operations of a restaurant, it makes it easy for the generation of financial statements; such as tax and profit and loss statements, hassle-free as documents leading to making of this documents are readily available.

Staff check & cash control

Dishonesty and theft are among the things that can pull down a well-established restaurant. With a point of sale in place, a restaurant attendant cannot alter customers check minus a password. Servers are also accountable to the sales of the day and this eliminates theft from staff. Control of restaurants can be a difficult task when restaurants owners and managers are away, with a point of sale, a tighter off-site control is availed, as the owner only needs to login and observe the operations of the restaurant and make any necessary decisions aimed at improving the business.

Inventory management by point of sale is much easier and accurate than manual calculations, it involves how much you have, how much you have used and how much u need. Unlike cash registers, tracking of such information does not require a lot of paperwork and physical perusal.

Point of sale with integrated reward system

By the use of a point of sale, it will help the business come up with an integrated reward system. This will help at rewarding loyal customers with an aim of enticing them more to the restaurant since with a point of sale in place it is easy to track whatever a customer buys from the restaurant repeatedly as a customer’s profile in the restaurant is kept and accessed any time when need arises.

Customers in a restaurant with a point of sale, have the advantage to serve with detailed receipts. Cash registers issue receipts only printed with the date and amount while point of sale that is usually connected to the inventory control system issue informative receipts that will also include a description of each item and the sale price of specific items thereof. With the advancement of technology, restaurant should not lag in the difficulties of keeping cash registers. The benefit of point of sale outweighs cash registers by far and that is why restaurant owners and management in there control of operations should embrace point of sale.

Among the software of point of sale include Volanté that is a point of sale designed for hospitality operations. Volante management is developed in pure java and is object and network oriented, it runs on all platforms including Windows 2000/XP, Unix and Linux. This model operates multi-locations or businesses from centralized location. Additionally it controls every aspect of your operations.

Table maps and update menu items

Another is Breadcrumb that is an iPad point of sale system. Created for restaurants, its features allow restaurant to establish table maps, update menu items and track real time sales through a mobile app. It is ideally the best point of sale system for full service restaurants. Square on the other hand runs on any platform and is best suited for growing restaurants. Its unique features allow restaurants to send invoices, integrate with other application and manage payroll. Its setup is customized if tied to other additional hardware.

Revel is an iPad point of sale and is best designed and suited for restaurants with multi-locations and large restaurants. Its restaurant specific features include; ingredient inventory tracking, tableside and online ordering and catering and delivery. Another software of point of sale is BPA restaurant professional, The software is the most complete package for the hospitality industry more so for restaurants. Its distinguishing features include; time clock and payroll tracking, gift card processing and credit card processing.

POS at Petra

In this regard Petra Equipment we stock various models of Point of sale. One such model is Dell 20″ POS Solution that among other features combines a pc, a monitor and speakers. Further, the model can be easily mounted on the wall due to its All-in-One POS Series design. Another model is the Acer 10″ POS Solution that is designed to resist damage on the screen and reduce the visibility of any scratch thereof. This is made possible by the model’s Gorilla® Glass 3 feature that is three times better in scratch resistance. The Lenovo 20″ POS Solution on the other hand is highly effective as it features a high speed 3.0 USB. This makes it quick for data and files to be transferred quickly between pc and other devices Point of sale solutions are available for sale and rental through our website https://www.petraequipment.com.au/cash-registers-restaurant-pos. If you are looking to open a new coffee shop or you are already in a cafe fit out process, you should call us and we will provide you different POS options.

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