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With more than 40 years of experience in fit outs, our specialist team can provide you with comprehensive food truck solutions. With our catering equipment and stainless steel fabrication companies, we guarantee you will get a quality food van at an unbeatable price. We want to optimize your sales so our team will come up with the right equipment and utilize all available space. Don’t wait and call us today! Even if you don’t have the upfront funds, we have quick and easy finance options that will get your restaurant on wheels running sooner than initially planned. 

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Every business starts with a projection of what to be done, and how to begin the desired business, but the paramount determinant is the experience when starting the business.
A food truck is similar to the most exquisite restaurants that serve the most succulent munches, although in motion. The positive side of the food truck is that it’s on the move to the prospective customers, where the location is established and moving along is inevitable, the overall expenses are extremely on the downside compared to a permanently located restaurant. The most inevitable hurdle of any food service business is the long hours of nonstop commitment, but any business established as a result of interest and desire long work hours is a manageable and maximum reward.
The following points will guide you on How to start a food truck business?
• Business location
The area and target customers are the driving wheel of the food truck, which goes hand in hand with the required permits for the business to be operational. The city of choice is vital either New York City or Los Angeles. Depending on your city or town authority permit requirement whether the food truck business is permitted and if there is a limitation. The location of the parking area for food truck requires a pleasing location, tidy, spacious just like the restaurant, this picture should linger always.
• Choice of marketable business name 
This comes in if the location of the food truck is already sorted based on prospective customers a fancy name for the truck should be decided based on the food and extra catchy concepts. The food menu should also be written at this point keeping in mind the various types of menu to have, begin with the board menu and brochure-like for taking away customers. The menu should also factor in the same food, rotational or everyday specials.
• Finances for food truck
The advantage of the food truck business is the startup cost which is cheap in comparison to a permanent restaurant. The requirements are still similar in terms of finances. The financing can be from the bank, partnership or investors. The investment of a second-hand food truck may vary from $20,000-50,000 compared to a new ranging from $120,000.The payroll, equipment, all required items, and expenses should be budgeted in.
• Furnish food truck
Depending on the choice of food truck the food to be served will propel the required kitchen equipment either oven for hot servings, and fried, chiller area for readymade sandwiches.
• Advertise and do marketing of your food truck
The restaurant in motion is already an advertisement, although that is not enough to settle at adverts and marketing strategies should be rolled out. The modernity of social media advertising is on the advantage of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and others are the best for customer base building. Online activities should always be in chat to inform the customer beforehand the location, photos of the lunchtime specials, food on the menu will pull customers.
• Insurance 
The food truck should be insured to cater for any calamities that may arise.
• Emergency capitals
As the food truck services begin there must be some cash set aside for eventuality as repairs and maintenance of minor hitches.
• Future success
The plan for the later progressive years should be laid out as a motivational factor and vision attainment
The rest is commitment hard work, people’s network, innovation, and excellent customer services.