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Standard breads

Exploring the different bread

Exploring the different bread

Standard Breads

Bakery business is ideally one of the most flourishing businesses in the food and industry. This is because of its wide customer base. Most people will have bread at least once a day; say for breakfast or just as a snack. Moreover, consumers have a variety of bread to choose from. They include;

bread doughWhite bread

This may be said to be the most common bread one can find in a bakery. It is one of the simplest breads that is essentially made using few ingredients. The ingredients include, all- purpose flour, yeast, water, salt and oil.

Corn bread

It may be the Mexican corn bread or the Portuguese version known as Broa . The basic ingredients for this bread are butter, cheese, sugar, pepper, all -purpose flour, cream- style corn and yellow corn meal. The preparation involves among other things stirring together flour, cornmeal, baking powder and salt. When a consistent corn mixture is achieved flour mixture is added and stirred until smooth.

Yeast bread

Yeast bread is a common brad all over the world. In the Unites states, this type is known as Anadama bread while in Poland it is known as Bagel. As opposed to the anadama bread, bagel is ring shaped with a hole at its center. The yeast bread in France on the other hand is identified by slits cut in top surface.


Is a type of bread made from leavened dough or leavened batter. Different plate patterns are used to bring out waffles of different patterns and sizes. Waffles vary from country to country. Waffles found in Eastern Belgium uses brioche bread dough. Northern France on the other hand makes waffles by mixing floor, salt, and brewer’s yeast barn.


As opposed to other bread types, the soughdough bread usually has a sour taste. This is due to its mode of preparation that involves a long fermentation of dough that uses yeast and naturally occurring lactobacilli.


Muffins are distinguished as either American muffins or English muffins. English muffins are basically made with yeast based dough and have a texture that is similar to bread. English muffins are on the other hand have an open moist texture and resemble cupcakes just that they are larger. The basic ingredients of muffins are just like other breads; flour, preferably self- rising flour, sugar, eggs and vegetable oil.

Running a successful bakery means making breads that are perfect or at least close to perfect. The secret to this lies in automating a bakery. The industry has availed different equipment for a professional baking. One must have bakery equipment is a mixer. Mixers come in different sizes and different types. The various types include a planetary mixer and a spiral mixer. Spiral dough mixers are mostly found in large bakeries while planetary mixers are found in the small bakeries.

The secret to making perfect muffins for instance lies in mixing. Only a mixer will suffice in this case to give that smooth and consistent texture. Further, the ingredients must be mixed together as fast as possible.

Bread slicers are another essential piece in a bakery that sells customers bread that is in slices. The equipment provides the means for slicing several loaves of bread at a time. A proving cabinet is on the other hand vital for a bakery that specializes in making of bread that requires the dough to rise before being put in the oven. The equipment provides controlled warm and humid environments that encourage dough to rise fast. Making of soughdough bread mainly depends on the proving process. This is because a lot of its flavor is developed during proving.

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