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Butchery displays, equipment & joinery work

At Petra Group, the quality of materials and equipment are at the heart of our work: this is the only way we can guarantee customers furniture and displays needed for a butchery that will last, and that can assist the daily work of the butcher.

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From $79,000 up to $220,000 you will get a small to a medium size butchery shop, excluding butcher equipment, displays, banners, design and electrical, mechanical and plumbing installations. For a large butchery shop with heavy duty equipment, the cost often reach $340,000.

Roasting bit meat at butchery

We sell cold displays, meat displays, meat bandsaw, meat mincer & mixer, meat slicersausage filler, meat tenderiser and butcher equipment. We alternatively sell second hand butcher equipment.

In our arsenal, you will find various brands such as Roband, Noaw Slicers & Thompson meat saw.

A Butchery Shop have limited space and the layout must be optimized to display your fresh meats such as Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Sausage & Beef. See more about our Butcher Equipment.

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Contact us today to book a consultation with an architect specialized in butcher shops in Australia: (02) 9723 4555. Ask for one of our 2 Butchery Fit out specialists: Paul Ayyash or Sam.


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Butcher shop design layout, ideas & signage

tags: # small meat shop design and butcher shop design layout + how to design a butcher shop. Let our designers help you to design the best butcher shop design layout for your food store. We can show you different butchery display ideas, shop design ideas & butcher shop signage.