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Commercial Coffee Machines

With the market offering a variety of Commercial Coffee Machine, it is becoming more confusing in making the best coffee machine selection.

Commercial Coffee Machines

Excellent making of coffee is not entirely dependent on selecting the freshest beans but largely on using the best coffee machine. Certain coffee machines will totally mess up the coffee. With the market offering a variety of Commercial Coffee Machine, it is becoming more confusing in making the best coffee machine selection.

Wega Polaris Coffee Machine

Wega Polaris Coffee Machine


One important factor to consider before purchasing a coffee machine for the restaurant, cafe of for any hospitality businesses is the size of the business. To help decide on the ideal size of the coffee machine is to determine the average number of cups of coffee you need the machine to dispense. Medium volume coffee machines for instance are recommended to serve between 150 -200 cups of coffee a day while the high volume commercial coffee machine are able to dispense an average of 200- 500 cups a day. Further, where the restaurant needs to serve more coffee, it advisable to consider a coffee machine with more number of group heads. A machine with one group head will serve 2 cups of coffee at a time while a 2-group coffee machine will make 4 coffees at the same time. To this extent, coffee machines have up to 5 groups head to choose from.

Another factor to consider before purchasing a coffee machine is the brand. In the kitchen industry, taking a gamble on the performance of a machine is not prudent. Further, with a brand that is reputed and trusted is a guarantee that their engineers come to your aid when the machine breaks down. Most commercial coffee machines come with a 12 months warranty for parts and labor. Commercial coffee machines to this extent come with a one-year warranty. Boema commercial coffee machines too have a warranty of one year.

Coffee Machines have to be easy to clean

Boema BCM 200 Coffee Machine

Boema BCM 200 Coffee Machine

In addition, the construction of the coffee machine must be as to be easily cleaned. To this extent, steel construction is the most trusted material. The Boema D-2V15A Deluxe 2 Group Volumetric Espresso machine has a full stainless steel back and operating funnel.

Water filter in a commercial coffee machine is yet another factor to consider. The importance of water filters in a coffee machine cannot be overemphasized. Water filters in a coffee machine blocks dirt and minerals from entering the coffee. Water is never entirely pure but contains minerals such as magnesium and calcium salts. Such salts participate in scale development thereby interfering with the water temperatures, pressure and even water flow and taste. Further, when such minerals enter the coffee, they are likely to give the coffee a bitter taste. Ultimately, water filters help maintain a coffee machine because it will prevent the clogging of the machine by the sediments from water. The Boema D- 1S10A Espresso Machine 1 Group Semi Auto for instance is designed with the AX5-TS triple action water filter for better filtration.


Boiler size is yet another factor to consider in a commercial coffee machine. As water passes through the boiler, it gets heated in the boiler. When it comes to coffee machines, the bigger the boiler, the better. Ideally, a one group machine should have a boiler capacity of 6 liters, a 2 round machine of about 10 liters and a 3 round coffee machine have a boiler capacity of about 14 liters. The 2 round Boema D-2V15A Deluxe 2 Group Volumetric Espresso Machine to this extent has a boiler capacity of 6 liters. A large boiler size means that there will be more steam power and hot water to make the coffee.


Finally, another feature to look for especially in an espresso machine is the steam wands feature. Steam wands will help you heat milk and create a range of milky coffee beverages such as cappuccinos and macchiatos. In this regard, one might consider going for a Commercial coffee machines in the market that has 2 steam wands so as to be able to do more at the same time. A coffee machine with this model is the CAFFE CCW1V101A 1 Group volumetric.

At Petra Equipment, we stock all the wide range of commercial coffee machines from the most trusted brands such as Boema, La Marzocco, Isomac and Wega. The brands offer commercial coffee machines of all sizes. For high volume coffee dispensation, the 2 Group Wega EVD2AT coffee machine model has the capacity to dispense 200 cups per hour and many more other models. This coffee machines are available for purchase and rental in our warehouse or through visiting our official website, that is, https://www.petraequipment.com.au/cafe/coffee-machines. See more content about cafe in our last cafe ideas article.

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