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Top 7 + Cafe Fit Out Ideas

Top 7 + Cafe Fit Out Ideas

When one wants to start a café business, a fitout needs to be undertaken in order to be able to execute this. It isn’t necessary to have a big space always, a great idea in a small space can also be carried out, or even an existing space can be revamped. Long gone are those days when one particular space was used for only one purpose. Interior and design fitout professionals believe in multifunctional space usage, for café fitouts. This not only ensures a comfortable ambience but also enhances the overall experience of the customers.

Here are 7 cafe ideas:

1) Design of a living room : Nowadays cafes are congested and that is why there has been a rise in the popularity of the living room design. In this case, the café will resemble the space as it is in a residential living room. There would be comfortable sofas, some warm and cozy booths and also quite a considerable amount of place for sitting, as it is usually, in a living room.

2) To keep the look unfinished : This look is very catchy and a new rising trend too. It is extremely easy as far as maintenance is concerned, and the look brings about a touch of professionalism as well as an industrial feel. This is sometimes also referred to as the “exposed look”. The best part about this unfinished look is, if anytime it goes out of fashion, then the look can be completed just to be in the competition.

3) The plan of an open kitchen : Entrepreneurs and interior designers feel that an open kitchen not only brings about a trendy and unique look, but also involves the customers more, gets them engrossed into the way the food is prepared, gives them the option of modifying their dishes and definitely enhances the customer’s experience.

4) Mixing textures : Instead of having a particular theme, mixing them up also brings about a new look. For example the floors can be concrete, the tables can be the recycled ones, there can be marble bench tops, copper fixtures and iron bars etc. All of these together can create a clash of textures and provide a unique look. This also gives an inviting industrial and warm look for a café fitout.

5) Use of Flora : Flowers and plants have an aura of their own and bring about a lot of color and gives the “spring” feeling to any café. The front doorways, the service counters and the table tops can be decorated with curated plants. This also makes the customers and employees feel very fresh, active, lively and jolly while present in the café. Some entrepreneurs also add leafy feature wall or vertical herb gardens to give their café a feeling of an oasis of greenery.

6) Unconventional seating plan : Plastic chairs are absolutely “in” these days. They have rapidly replaced the antique cushions, padded milk crates, long benches, mismatched seats and bar stools. In today’s world, cafes try a lot of things to stand out in the competition and somehow these non-conventional ideas are an absolute hit.

7) The raw look : Using stone or wood or for that matter a conduit lighting style is one trend that has an upward trend too. It promotes a relaxed and casual vibe.

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