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Cafe Ideas & Design

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A coffee shop is undoubtedly a lucrative business in the business World today. However, there is competition too, more so for new entrants. As a newcomer to the industry, one of the best tactics to make your coffee shop stand out from the local community is the Coffee Shop design. Notably, the design of a coffee shop is as important as having the skills to brew high-quality coffee. To discover this fact, take a random chat with friends and ask them why they are loyal customers to a certain café. You will realize that some customers dine in certain coffee shops simply because they love the shop’s design.

To this extent, investigate your potential customer’s taste. Think about whether you will have exterior seating, what are the ideal theme colors, artwork, and wall décor among other design concepts. Exterior and interior design are all important parts of the overall design. In the interior setting, have regard to the display cases, Point Of Sale Systems and menu board. There are many design ideas to choose from including simple, cool designs and the more sophisticated ones. Good examples of the latter are Hammock sitting arrangements, Maid Cafes popular in Japan and the famous Café con Piernas (“Coffee with Legs”) themes that are popular in Spain. Coffee shops designs will vary for small, medium and large shops.

Flooring is a critical factor when coming up with ideal coffee shop design. Here, you have the vast choice of tiles, carpet, concrete, resilient or wooden flooring. If you wish to go for carpet flooring, ensure to use the commercial carpet or the outdoor carpet as it is stain resistant, slip resistant and less flammable. Tile flooring is yet another ideal coffee shop flooring idea. The advantages of tile flooring are that they are durable. The downside, however, is that tile flooring is costly to install

Resilient flooring presents an ideal design idea for persons who want an artistic effect in their design. There are many colors to choose from thus making it easy to create diverse patterns. More so, resilient flooring is non- porous, slip resistant and highly durable.

Ideally, any chosen ideas should ensure that there is proper work- flow of staff and customers too. More so, there should not be competition for space by barista and other staff members. Further, the layout must be laid such that the barista hears customers’ orders and work alone efficiently.

The design should be customers centered in every sense. That is if you are targeting middle-aged persons, ensure the interior design reflects calmness and sophistication. If on the other hand, your café is in the backyard of say a college, the best design idea is a theme which is artistic and less formal say by having graphics and drawings on the walls. Read more about our commercial kitchen design. We can help you with any projects around Australia, ask us about the best cafe ideas in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane … and the latest trends in the hospitality industry.

Most importantly, never trivialize the importance of lighting in your design ideas. Needless to say, great lighting creates the ideal ambience. It can either work for the customers or have them wishing to be gone sooner. This factor should be regarded from the initial stage of formulating your design ideas because lighting should complement the overall design.

Your space is also a good place to play with in coming up with the shop’s design. For instance, consider whether there is a focal point in the space and be creative with it. Also look out for unique features of the coffee shop.

The coffee shop design idea must also have regard to the intended sitting arrangements of the café. Here, ensure to have a flexible design that allows different sitting arrangements, that is, for customers who want solitary space and those who want socializing in groupies.

Notably, cafe signage and branding is part of the shops’ design. The font and concept behind the signage must, therefore, be selected to complement the chosen design ideas. Just as your exterior advertises your shop, so is the signage. If running on a small budget, it is prudent to do more window-shopping for materials just before you imagine you may not afford. Moreover, certain vendors sell items such as lighting and tiles on Hire Purchase and other lending options.

The concept of selecting the ideal design may sound perplexing. However simply evaluate the design from customers, employees, and your perspective. An intuitive coffee shop design will undoubtedly cause efficient work -flow and thus faster service. Find out more about our cafe shopfitters in Sydney.

Finally, the importance of working with an experienced coffee shop designer cannot be overstated. Contact Petra equipment for professional coffee shop design on (02) 9723 4555, Australia. All cafe ideas are welcome and most of the time feasible. Read more about our cafe equipment or our coffee van design.