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Combi Ovens by Rational

rationalA Rational combi oven combines customary warmth with microwave innovation to give you the composition and taste that a large number of people look for. Combining both the elements of this gadget conveys any gourmet expert the capacity to cook dishes sensibly speedier in contrast with their traditional cooking framework.

Sound Combi Oven permits business kitchens to poach, cook, steam, prepare, sear and warm nourishments utilizing a combination of dry warmth and steam; these ovens spare time and support profitability. Combi ovens shield the food from shrinkage also. They are an unfathomable advantage for the professional food provider where predictable quick throughput is significant. Here are the most popular models: SCC WE 61 , SCC WE 101, CMP 61 and CMP 101.

Some component to pay particular mind to in a Rational Combi Oven incorporate

  • A stainless steel surface
  • Satisfactory limit
  • Seeing window
  • Cleaning embellishments
  • Easy to understand programming and controls

combi_ovensNumerous might think that it’s testing to make a suitable determination of a scope of Rational combination ovens. Here you will discover probably the most widely recognized inquiries about Rational Combi Oven replied.

Which size is ideal for your particular use?

There are distinctive sizes accessible for this professional cooking machine, including a size 6, 10 and 20 sheet dish limit. You should look for suppliers who can offer an expansive scope of decisions on a measure.

Will it be anything but difficult to clean?

Indeed, certain Rational oven extras ensure that the scent of something cooking as of late can be killed with no groundbreaking endeavors so as it doesn’t influence the essence of a dish you need to plan next.

Is Rational Combi Oven energy productive?

This is maybe the most crucial sympathy toward any professional cook or gourmet expert. Sound Combi Oven makes for the most energy proficient as it aides in sparing you electric and also water bills. With diminished energy use, least water utilization and super protection forestalling heat misfortune, you can expect finish cooking accuracy at sensible expenses.

A Rational Combi Oven can help in significantly a greater number of routes than you understand. Also, it’s energy productive, time and work sharing, and controlled shrinkage structure, it even dispenses with flavor exchange and conveys predictable cooking results. On the off chance that you agonize over amount, then you shouldn’t be. This machine will offer you some assistance with managing any segment of serving scale, vast, medium or little. Your employment is just to ensure you have acquired an oven that impeccably fits your necessity.

Benefits of Rational Self Cooking Center oven:

Keenly blended burdens

With iLevelControl, you can master your breakfast benefit quickly, rapidly and adaptable. You can get ready distinctive nourishments in a solitary apparatus, be considerably more adaptable, keep an outline amid surge hour particularly, and make full utilization of your device.


The help works that executes your wishes to the point. Simply the touch of a catch and iCookingControl dependably readies all sustenance precisely as you need it.

Proficient CareControl

With Efficient CareControl, your Self Cooking Center will be consequently spotless and descale itself furthermore do this unsupervised overnight if sought. Link for the Rational cleaning tablets.

Delay begin capacity

Gives the chance to get ready ahead of time, evacuating the need to screen the cooking handle and improving the operation of your business.

Benefits of Rational CombiMaster Oven:

Immaculate, hygienic new steam

The crisp steam generator combines the benefits of cooking in water (particularly in most extreme moistness) with those of delicate steaming; insignificant warming times, exceptional hues, appealing flavors and the maintenance of vitamins and minerals. Consistent steam temperatures at all times and greatest steam immersion ensure the best nourishment quality. The new steam control guarantees that the hygienic crisp steam streams around the sustenance routinely and delicately, ensuring that not even the most touchy items will dry out.

Cooking bureau humidification

The dynamic food bureau humidification rapidly and dependably produces results, whatever the circumstances. This guarantees crunchy crackling; freshly breaded coatings and succulent dishes – even with expensive amounts.

Dynamic air blending

The dynamic air blending combined with the stream streamlined state of the cooking Bureau guarantees that the warmth is ideally appropriated in the cooking Bureau and is utilized precisely where it is required. The sustenance is cooked consistently – from the principal track to the last.

Boundless assortment

You can barbecue, heat, broil, braise, steam, stew, poach and much, a great deal more. 90 percent of all dishes found on business foodservice operations’ menus worldwide can be arranged in a combi oven. These machines have for quite some time been being used in Europe, and approximately 120 million dinners for every day are cooked in a Rational combi oven. Be that as it may, numerous foodservice professionals still utilize the customary cooking hardware.

On only 10.76 square feet of space, combi ovens supplant all usual cooking machines, for example, stoves, boilers, flame broils, and a great deal more. They are anything but difficult to utilize, self-cleaning – even overnight, and set aside to 70 percent of energy contrasted with a customary kitchen without a combi oven. In this way, they even pay for themselves in less than a year.

Combi ovens combine the benefits of steaming, for example, short cooking times, higher yields, and succulence, with the upsides of convection warmth, which gives serious fragrances, inviting hues, and fresh hulls. They are so natural to utilize that even unpracticed kitchen staff can reliably accomplish prevalent results without steady checking.

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