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Let’s be honest, working with multiple companies can be time consuming and stressful. At Petra you only deal with us! We take care of the whole project, which is why you should choose us for your commercial kitchen design. Our in house designer will optimize your space available to increase workflow and efficiency.

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Questions to consider when designing your new kitchen:

Who should I involve in the design process?

Other than the designer, it’s important to involve your chef in the design process, they understand the space that the back-of-house team needs to be efficient and what equipment to use for the menu offering.

Why should I know my menu?

The equipment will coincide with your menu so it is imperative that you know what food will be prepared. To exemplify, a pizza restaurant will need a pizza oven and a café will need an espresso machine. Your menu allows the designer to accurately select the right equipment and layout for you.

What makes a successful floor plan?

We understand there are numerous types of hospitality establishments that require different plans to maximise space and efficiency. The best kitchen design layouts are customized as there are particular factors the designer will consider when planning a fully functional kitchen.

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This design allows for supervision of the cooking process and encourages good communication between team members.

Open Kitchen

This design allows customers to watch chefs prepare their orders while also offering an entertainment factor. It is popular among fine dining restaurants.

Assembly Line

Popular for small fast food shops, cooks are able to prepare food behind the serving counter allowing customers to customise their order as they go.


Ideal for large kitchen areas with a lot of staff. Features separate work and traffic aisles, minimizing accidents and improving work flow.

Prep Line

For full service and fine dining restaurants, this design is great for made to order dishes, allowing chefs to set up different prep stations.

Food Truck

With limited space, food truck kitchens are compact and must be designed to accommodate equipment with multiple purposes.

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How to start your commercial kitchen design?

  • Book a free consultation with one of our project manager
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  • Tell us more about your menu
  • We will list our recommended commercial kitchen equipment
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Selecting a Restaurant Design Team

Selecting a Restaurant Design Team

An excellent design and layout plan are needed for a good restaurant. A lot of business people would say that owning their restaurants is a dream come true. Restaurants are good stores that can be very rewarding. The simple fact that people go out to eat in your restaurant is a sign of appreciation. It’s like people always come home and crave homemade sweets.
A good restaurant need requires an excellent design and layout plan. Design and layout plans depend on several factors that will influence the final decisions later. The results of management plans can undoubtedly influence the success of restaurants. After determining the type of food and service, the next step is to hire restaurant design consultants. Below are some things you ought to consider when considering different floor plans and fixtures for the restaurant.

Density of customers

The layout should be based primarily on the comfort that the people who will eat will get. Even fast-food restaurants take into account the density of the population, especially during peak hours, also though it seems that these restaurants are overloaded during the lunch break. For formal, upscale restaurants, it may be advisable to create more space between the tables as these restaurants do not depend on the number of people per day. Their income depends on the price of food. There would be more provisions for more eye candy such as furniture and artwork.

Building type

The layout is limited by the kind of structure in which the restaurant is built. Before you start, you should be able to consider all the curves and the smallest details of the construction.

Service style

The layout and floor plans ought to be based on the kind of service offered by the restaurant. Fast food restaurants and self-service restaurants require less space between tables because meals are not served. For other restaurants offering a service at the table, the distance between the tables is significant to avoid confusion at one end of the restaurant. > Contact our commercial kitchen designers.


Good lighting is very crucial for each restaurant. The illumination must match the mood and type of service of the restaurant. A relaxed environment can be complemented by bright light, while more subtle nuances accompany severe and calm atmospheres.
The design of the restaurant is divided into two main areas: the dining room and the production area. The dining room is essential because it is the essence of the structure of the restaurant. People should feel comfortable in the restaurant, and this is already defined in the planning phase. Studies have shown that in 50% of cases, people come as a couple to a restaurant, 30% alone or 20% in a group.
The production area is the second big part of a restaurant. The crucial thing about the production area should be efficiency. The organization of the kitchen determines the speed with which food can be cooked and served. When designing the production area, other aspects should be taken into account. Space for storage, food preparation, cooking, cooking, waste storage, production aisles, employee facilities,, and similar areas.
When hiring design consultants, the conservator should never forget to include a confidentiality clause in the contract. This is to prevent consultants from passing parts of the design to other people, especially competitors. It can be as simple as a clause in a line that says that everything about the design belongs to the customer.
These are useful things to keep in mind when designing. The most important thing to consider when creating a restaurant is to keep an eye on the people who eat at the restaurant because they are the ultimate level of success or failure. See more shop fittings.

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