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Menumaster microwave ovens

Microwaves are now ideal for grilling, slow cook, convection, thawing among other uses.

Menumaster microwave ovens

Menumaster microwave ovens are used in commercial kitchen such as Subway Sandwich Shop.

The recent technology in the kitchen industry has greatly revolutionized the role of microwaves from just a reheating device to one of the very versatile kitchen appliances. Microwaves are now ideal for grilling, slow cook, convection, thawing among other uses. Among the many factors, that one must consider when selecting an oven is the intended use. That is, whether, the microwave is for slow cook, for grilling, thawing, baking or convection. For all sizes and purposes, MenuMaster brand is the ideal brand.

Benefits of using Menumaster


Menumaster JET5192

With 40 years of experience in manufacture of commercial microwaves, Menumaster has continued to be the prefereed manufacturer in the kitchen industry for several reasons. The benefits of using Menumaster microwaves include the fact that MenuMaster microwaves such as the MenuMaster DEC14E Microwave oven are fully designed with stainless steel in the interior and exterior. This makes it very easy to clean the microwave on the inside and steel. The choice of steel is further beneficial in the sense that stainless steel is resistant to rust. This is an advantage because liquids and foods may spill over in the microwave. Use of certain other material would react with such spilled liquids to form rust.

Another benefit of using MenuMaster microwaves is that they have high WATT output. More WATT output means more cooking power. In turn, a microwave with high wattage cooks faster than a microwave with lower wattage. The large sized MenuMaster microwaves have actually gone beyond the average wattage of a large sized microwave that is 600- 100 watts. This means more performance as compare to microwaves of the same size being offered by other manufacturers. Such MenuMaster microwave models includes the DS1400E High Speed Cooking Oven that has 1400 WATT output and the MenuMaster RSS511DS Microwave Oven that has an output of 1100 watts and the MenuMaster RFS518TS Microwave oven that as a wattage of 1800.

Further, MenuMaster microwaves are designed to operate with multiple stage cooking. This feature is important because it enables one to cook at different setting at the different stages of the cooking cycle. With this option, therefore there is no need for one to interrupt the cooking cycle in order to adjust the microwave accordingly. Instead, all what one needs to do is set the microwave so as to automatically change the power level say for simmering after specific time intervals. A good example of such a model is the Menumaster RCS511TS Microwave oven that has up to 4 stage cooking option.

Menumaster range

The MenuMaster microwaves are available in a variety of sizes. The small sized microwaves of between 19- 23 liters of capacity include the MenuMaster DEC14E Microwave oven that has a capacity of 17 liters. Large size models on the other hand include the MenuMaster RFS518TS microwave oven and MenuMaster RCS511DS Microwave Oven that have a capacity of 34 liters.

Moreover, the Menumaster microwaves offer a wide range of power levels to select from. It is suffice to note that one needs not use the microwave at full power. Moreover, certain foods are best cooked at lower temperatures. Simmering for instance is ideal when done at 50% power level while defrost is ideal if done at 30% power level.The benefit of having a wide range of power levels to select is that one can comfortably have a range of recipes with close temperature variations by adjusting such power levels. The power level can be simply understood to mean the percentage of ‘on’ time. The MenuMaster RCS511DS Microwave Oven has 5 power levels while the MenuMaster DEC14E Microwave oven has power levels of up to 11. The power level is there to assist set the wattage because most microwaves do not show the wattage.

In order for one to understand the desired power level, they need first to know the total wattage of their microwave and their maximum level. Next, one needs to calculate the percentage of wattage that is equal to a certain level. For instance, where the microwave’s total wattage is 1800 and the microwave has up to 11 power levels, to achieve level 1400 wattage one has to set the microwave to approximately level 8.

Moreover, MenuMaster microwaves are designed with a turntable inside the oven that ensures ensure even cooking.


In conclusion, the MenuMaster microwaves are available in stock at Petra Equipment at much discounted prices. The microwaves can be purchased online through the website, https://www.petraequipment.com.au/menumaster. Further, the equipment is available at our warehouse at Sydney for purchase or rental. Further, all MenuMaster microwave come with a 12 months warranty of parts and labor. If you are in a process of a cafe fit out, feel free to contact us and we will recommend you the best commercial microwaves on market.

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